Environment Policy

Owl Watch Security Services (OWS) recognises its responsibility to the community to protect and enhance the environment in which we operate.

Owl Watch Security Services (OWS) policy includes:

  • A commitment to reviewing the environmental aspects of Owl Watch Security Services (OWS) Security’s operations and establishing objectives, targets and programs for all aspects with potential to have a significant impact on the environment. Objectives and targets will be reviewed on an annual basis, or as new significant aspects of our operations are identified.
  • A commitment to continued compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements applicable to the delivery of Owl Watch Security Services (OWS) Security’s services to our clients.
  • Respecting our environment and operating in recognition of community expectations with regard to resource utilisation and management.
  • A commitment to preventing pollution created from activities under our control. This will be done by minimising or eliminating the introduction of contaminants to the natural environment that cause an adverse change.
  • Ensuring our people understand our core values and expectations in relation to environmental consciousness.
  • Encouraging our people to look for new and better ways to manage the potential impact of our operations on the environment.

Our strategies for the fulfillment of this policy include:

  • Monitoring of environmental performance and compliance with management systems will be conducted, analysed and reported with the intention of continually improving the effectiveness and environmental performance of our operations and environmental management systems.
  • Ensuring that all waste is disposed of in the most appropriate and environmentally sensitive way, including reuse and recycling where available. Where necessary for compliance purposes, specialist qualified and licensed contractors shall be engaged for disposal of waste.
  • Utilisation of resources with consideration for the environmental impact, especially with regard to consumption of energy, water, consumables and chemical materials.

Disposal of waste shall follow the waste management hierarchy below:

  • Prevention
  • Minimisation
  • Recycling
  • Treatment
  • Energy recovery
  • Volume reduction
  • Disposal

Training and information shall be provided to employees so that they are aware of the environmental aspects relevant to their area of operations, the requirements of the integrated management system and waste management procedures. Adherence to responsible environmental management principles and practices and to management system requirements will apply to all areas where a Owl Watch Security Services (OWS) Security representative is working, whether in their own work area or on a client’s sites.

If you have any questions about this Policy you should speak with your most immediate Manager who will refer you to the National HSEQ Manager.

Employees who operate so as to undermine the policy and its supporting strategies, may be subject to disciplinary action.

Title CEO Owl Watch Security Services (OWS)

Date 13 August 2019

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