Transport Escorts

Transportation Escort Service

Transportation Escort Service of Owl Watch Security Services (OWS) is to ensure the absolute safety of customers’ goods and property moving from point A to point B. Usually escorted goods are high value commodities such as gold, silver, diamond, money… which are called “valuable goods”. It is also possible that goods that are very important goods that need to be moved to the destination on time and undamaged are called “important goods”.

Owl Watch Security Services (OWS) accepts to carry out all goods escort for customer’s requests. We have a lot of experience doing this with absolute safety performance. PMV has wide network and experienced staffs. OWS will be responsible for ensuring absolute safety of customers’ goods and assets. Right route and travel time according to your requirements.

After receiving your request. OWS will conduct an assessment of the service level. Developing preliminary plan and prepare a service quotation. When the client agrees with the service cost, PMV will prepare a detailed plan and carry out the service.

transport escorts
transport escorts

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