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Owl Watch Security Services (OWS) provides Security Escort/Protocol Services that includes meeting high profile personnel and VIP parties at designated locations such as airports or hotels and escorting them with the specific task of armed protection and logistics to their desired destinations.

This service is a derivative of the armed response services and our competence is well-aligned with the needs of clients to provide protection for travel into and across Australia.

We provide Escort Security & Personnel Services for our valuable clients in case they need pick and drop facilities for their directors or VIP customers. We have trained our skillful staff, who are very experienced and have good command on driving and have thorough judgement. Also, we offer a wide range of vehicles for our clients’ perusal that gives our customer an edge to select vehicles as per their own choice and requirement.

Our Escort Security Service Methods:

Planning escape routes
Ensuring the personal protection of clients
Escorting and defending clients
Keeping bystanders at a safe distance
Reviewing client plans
Performing security checks
Staying visible to the public but invisible to the client
Surveying the surroundings
Identifying and diffusing potential dangers

Finally, our security escort services help protect you against loss. We are looking out for your physical safety and the security of your valuables. If you’re looking for the best way to provide safety and insurance against harm, contact our professional security team now.

Owl Watch Security
Owl Watch Security

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